The Niveau élevé Determination represents the force that drives us to actually achieve what we set out to do. It represents the art of ability. It represents the joy of taking on challenges, not avoiding effort and not backing away from anything.
It stands for not lightly giving up, for the ability to clearly identify a target and allowing nothing to divert us from it.

Individual design options

Each watch of Niveau élevé is equipped with at least one special brilliant cut diamond. Be it in the case, the crown, the bracelet, the hands background or the cypher glass. Brilliants or baguettes made of diamond are used as time table. In addition, Niveau élevé not only uses the most valuable precious metals such as gold or platinum for its case, crown or clasp, but also for the indices in the cypher glass. The movements are sourced only from reputable Swiss manufacturers such as ETA or Ronda.
Due to the numerous designs and elements Niveau élevé offers a unique and incomparable variety of individual design options among the luxury brands as the client can compile his own Niveau élevé from more than 165 million different versions. Thus you will find some models as inspiration below, an overview of all the individual design elements you can get here.
Niveau élevé
Niveau élevé