and Niveau élevé

The philosophy of Niveau élevé

Every glance at our watch reminds us that the time is our time.
A watch of Niveau élevé comes along with an internal decision, combined with a firm intention to make our life more intentional, to live differently and to set new priorities.
Time and life are the same thing. Our life is our time. Our life and our Self are also the same. There would be no us without our life. So ultimately we are our time.

Philosophy of time

Our life is our time. To focus on our attitude regarding time will change our lives.
Time and space are the two elements that make up the structure of our universe.
The fact that time and space are relative means that everything in this universe is relative. Understanding the scientific and philosophical peculiarities of time allows us to reorient our own attitude towards time, and thereby towards our life.

Symbols and symbolism

We all have this tendency to view a material object as a symbol of something quite specific, to assign it a symbolic power and then derive from this a certainty, a confidence, a hope or the force of a success.
The watches of Niveau élevé work to a great extent with symbolism. They are themselves a symbol, which thereby unfolds all the promised effects.

Time is mine!

Time is mine! is a maxim for the project of recapturing our own time, our consciousness and thus our self.
The aim would be to reveal what we truly are.