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The pioneering era of Niveau élevé

Ultimately, a high-quality watch brand, with all that goes with it, is a “being” which, like any living entity, has a basic structure, a kind of DNA and an “appearance”. The same principle applies to a large commercial enterprise, a political party, a fashion brand, in fact any kind of structuring in which different parts work together around a basic idea. An underlying “code” determines the structure and external appearance of the entity. This division in underlying structural plan and its implementation is not only present in living beings and economic or social structures. Dead” matter also follows the same principle. If we take a crystal, there is something similarly fundamental here that must be present at the very beginning: A first approach of the crystal lattice. From this first attachment, the crystal starts to grow, atom by atom attaches itself to the crystal lattice of the first small crystallisation point, and the crystal grows in exactly the same lattice structure as the first attachment point. Ultimately, every clearly structured “entity” consists of a code, i.e. a set of information, and the translation of this information into material reality.

For a watch brand that is not only design-based, but has its own inner substance, it is important that the “values” for which the watch stands are clearly defined, and just as clearly expressed. Ultimately, the customer buys this “flair”, the reference to the abstract concepts behind the watch. Design does play a role, but it is always in the light of the brand’s framework.

So what is the core message of the Niveau élevé, the crystal lattice structure that defines the appearance of the watch brand, the DNA through which everything is built?

So what is the core message of the Niveau élevé, the crystal lattice structure that determines the appearance of the watch brand, the DNA on which everything is built?

Probably the most interesting phase of a great brand is the beginning, when the DNA or crystal lattice of the future structure is formed. It is like the story of the origin of the universe: it is the big bang from which everything emerges and which determines everything. This beginning, the phase of emergence, contains the very essential element of a clock, the manifestation of the core statement, the DNA or crystal lattice, which then sometimes continues to manifest itself over generations.

But even this abstract concept, the soul of a brand, is only a reflection in our phenomenal world, a correspondence of something else that lies beyond what we can grasp with our measuring instruments or physical senses.

Based on the basic philosophical concept described in the book “The Philosophy of Time”, abstract principles cannot be grasped in this universe with the means of physics, but they are quite concrete “things” on other levels, or in other universes. The philosophical explanatory model according to which Niveau élevé aligns itself in its symbolism is quite simple:

  1. There is not only this one, physical universe, which came into being with the big bang and will pass away again with the final bang, but there are other worlds parallel to this three-dimensional, physically structured universe, which are structured differently from time and space.
  2. The “differently structured” universes, which are not structured via space-time like ours, exist parallel to our world. One cannot really say that they are present “at the same time”, because simultaneity is, after all, part of temporal structuring. And if another universe does not have time as a criterion for its structuring, i.e. if this universe has no time at all, then one cannot speak of a “simultaneity” with ours. Und wenn ein anderes Universum keine Zeit als Kriterium für seine Strukturierung hat, d.h. wenn dieses Universum überhaupt keine Zeit hat, dann kann man nicht von einer “Gleichzeitigkeit” mit unserem sprechen.
  3. Since the structures of the different universes do not overlap, i.e. since the other universes are not “physically” structured, i.e. have neither space nor time, they are invisible when viewed from our space-time universe. We can only grasp things with our instruments or senses that have a spatial extent and a temporal duration. Everything that has no time and no space remains hidden for us.
  4. But those “parallel universes” may have consciousness, or we may be able to bridge to those universes with consciousness, or at least pick up some elements from those universes with our sensation.
  5. Thus, abstract concepts such as joy, longing, love, etc. are a translation of our mind, our abstract thinking faculty, which refer to things that do not come from our world but from other worlds. It is clear that joy has no physical structure. It is not subject to gravity, it is not spatially limited, it has no weight or mass, etc. Since joy is not subject to any of the physical laws of nature, it is clearly not an element native to this physical universe, but belongs to another, non-physical world. Now our consciousness, which is able to go beyond the physical limits, is also able to grasp the vibration of joy and builds it into our life in this world. However, since joy has its roots in another universe, we also have very limited control over joy. Our only access to it is through our consciousness, so it is only controlled through our consciousness.
  6. So we assume that behind every “abstract concept” or every “feeling” there is a very concrete “something” from a parallel universe. If we judge this “something” according to our “native” terms, it could be a being, i.e. something animate, conscious, or it could be something “inanimate”. But without having the slightest idea of how the other planes or worlds are structured, this question is completely irrelevant because “life” is a concept from this world that may not even occur in other worlds.
  7. Whether we regard the abstract concepts as inexplicable phenomena from “this world” or whether we attempt an explanation and say that these are “correspondences” that refer to something in other worlds is ultimately not so important. The basic idea of Niveau élevé is to explore the unknown inner space, the undiscovered depths of the self, as far as our consciousness allows. Thus, the core message of the brand is something that is not yet fully formulated in our mental terminology. The moment the actual goal is beyond the boundaries of the known and formulated, we cannot define it either. What is a definition? The term comes from the root word “fin” or end, boundary. It means “to limit”. Definition is therefore the explanation of something by pointing out its limits. But since what we are looking for lies outside the limits of our current knowledge, we cannot define our goal at all.

In deciding to set out into the unknown, which does not lie in outer life, but in those worlds whose only access seems to lie in the “self”, in our own consciousness, we thus expect the “unexpected” and look for something of which we only know that we do not yet know anything about it. All we have concretely in our hands is our urge to set out for those other shores, the spirit of adventure to explore the unknown inside, “ourselves”.

It is in this pioneering stage that the Niveau élevé brand now finds itself, which wants to be a physical symbol, a correspondence in the concrete here and now, a reminder of our own pioneering spirit. The watches of Niveau élevé, as symbol bearers of a new understanding of time, or self-understanding, are naturally included in the crystallisation process of the basic concept. They too are still in the stage of becoming, in the stage of emergence. Thus, change in many aspects is not only possible, but indispensable. New diamond cuts will be developed, new symbolic materials are being planned, such as crystalline osmium, new gemstone combinations in the interior of the watch, new colour harmonies are being tried out, etc.

This stage of “first manifestation” is often the most interesting phase of all. Not only is it exciting to discover the new, but the new vibration, the new concept, the sublime, mystical energy behind it all is usually most evident in the first touch. Sometimes you experience something, have contact with something completely different, sublime, vast, but the vibration withdraws after the first touch and you have to work for a long time to find it again and then establish it permanently in your consciousness. In any case, the journey is the destination, not the end. This is especially true when it is a journey that leads through one’s own consciousness.

It is also most exciting to participate in this phase of creation, the alchemy of the Niveau élevé phenomenon. The pioneering spirit experiences its own pioneering phase here. In the time it takes for the inner concept behind the watches of Niveau élevé to manifest itself, something crystallises on three levels: the basic mental and philosophical concept of the watch, the concrete manifestation of the watch itself, the projects around the watch, such as the seawater desalination plant, the energy project, and so on.

During this time, many prototypes of partial aspects of the watch are developed, many things are tried out, many aspects are researched, many things are discarded and some things are then produced in series. To keep all the intermediate stages of product development, all the attempts to express or manifest new aspects, with all the little quirks and mishaps that finally put you on the right track, would require a huge archive, which would be neither sensible nor affordable. But to throw all the “almost-perfect” watches in the bin is contrary to the feeling of our team. After all, so much effort has gone into the loving compositions and attempts, so much tension, so much expectation, and ultimately also a great deal of charm and expressiveness. It is precisely that which is still imperfect, that which shows the face of becoming, of ascent, of progress, that has a very special charm and value. So we have decided to offer our friends of the brand the opportunity to participate in the progress of the development of the watch and will put all those trial models with small “quirks”, instead of taking them apart again, as “pioneer copies” on our website and offer them at a reduced price. This offers the brand the possibility to reduce development costs and the watch lover the opportunity to participate in the pioneering phase of the watch for a small budget, to take part in the manifestation of the new. However, the “pioneer specimens” are always one-offs, they cannot be reproduced and cannot be reordered.