The philosophy

of Niveau élevé

A journey into new, inner worlds

The world is constructed as a duality. It is a mixture of beauty, vastness, freedom and, at the same time, the complete opposite: compulsion, restriction and everything that is imperfect. One would of course want the sublime elements to predominate and for the negative to not be there. But it doesn’t work like that. Not in our universe. Here everything is defined by its opposite. We couldn’t know what life is if there were no death. Equally we couldn’t know what death is if there were no life. 4 billion years ago, before life manifested itself on our planet, everything was, from today’s viewpoint, “dead” matter. But to classify this as “dead” without being able to face its antithesis, life, would neither be possible nor meaningful. It was just what existed then. Death did not come into our world until life arrived. While something has no opposite, its specific characteristics do not become apparent. We only have hot because there is cold. Light only occurs as the opposite of dark. And there is only “good” while “bad” exists. If we remove the “bad” from our universe, then we eliminate the “good” as well.
We have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that our creation is constructed from duality. It is not possible to separate the negative part from something that has a dual structure and leave only the positive part. Anything that remained would inevitably still have a dual structure and there would still be a “good” and a “bad”. We all try to tip the balance towards the positive. However there is no way to know if this actually has any effect. Ultimately we find ourselves on a sort of “hamster wheel”; the more we run forward, the more impetus we give to what we have left behind us. The relationship between Light and Dark and between Good and Evil may even be determined by a higher dimension! Good and Evil are also terms that cannot be defined absolutely; they are merely perceptions and thus relative. Whether something is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. So we always find ourselves in the situation of running away from the dark side of our life – towards the light, but are never able to reach this light. If we were to get where we want to go, the duality would be there too and it would inevitably drive us on further.
To find inner calm we need to understand that there is no duality as such. There is no “Good” and no “Bad”. Our consciousness only perceives everything as dual, just as our universe is not actually a three-dimensional universe; it is perceived as three-dimensional by us. In reality our universe has many more than three dimensions, but our consciousness tells us that we are in the third dimension.
We will never find our peace while, on the outside, we continue to run towards the “nice” on our treadmill. We need to jump off the treadmill and find our state of “having arrived” on the inside, rather than hunt for it on the outside.
The bottom line, however, remains that we are all invested in an “inner environment” – a place where we want to be so badly, where all our problems will disappear and where we can enjoy the sublime vastness of the consciousness that we all long to find. But our external life does not hold the door to that “unalloyed joy” which we currently believe to be blocked by the shadow of certain external circumstances. We need neither an occasion nor a state in which we are free from problems in order to feel joy. Why should we allow a problem to dictate to our consciousness? Even if we are unable to make our consciousness available to both our problems and our joy simultaneously, it would still be better for us to opt for joy and get to grips with our problems in the spotlight of our inner joy, than vice versa.
In most cases, the constellation of circumstances that we hold responsible for inner stress and anxiety in fact originates from our own way of living. Perhaps our situation would look quite different with a different attitude.
Niveau élevé is not simply a watch brand. It is an attempt to resolve the contradiction of our existence, which is trapped in duality, by the “path of time”.
The relativity of time is a scientific and frequently proven fact that implies that time is not an intrinsic dimension of all occurrences and things; it is a property of each individual occurrence. This property – the duration of a thing or event – changes according to whether something is in motion or at rest, by the effect of gravity upon it, and so on.
So there are two aspects to time for us. On the one hand we have the mathematical, the technical aspect. This allows us to synchronise events and schedule our actions. On the other hand, time also incorporates the consciousness aspect. And even this “internal” time is relative. Our life is our time. No more and no less. If we are not aware of our time we cannot be aware of our life. We all regret that we have so little time. We complain that life is too short. But equally we give our time away by allowing it to pass unnoticed. We probably all make the same big mistake of losing sight of our own selves most of the time. We are so focussed on the external circumstances, on our problems, our constraints and on what we are determined to achieve that we are barely aware of ourselves. Most of the time our life carries on without us. Although our memories somehow allow us to avoid the feeling of a break in the continuity of our life, we are still often no longer able to perceive ourselves. We only perceive the action which goes at its own pace, whether or not we are consciously ourselves.
This is where the very core of the Niveau élevé philosophy comes into its own. Time and life are the same thing. Our life is our time. Our life and our Self are also the same. There would be no us without our life. So ultimately we are our time. If we spend our time without ourselves because we are so fixated on the things happening around us that we no longer perceive ourselves then this unperceived time is not simply wasted time. We are actually wasting part of ourselves. This is an error that everyone commits. We are only really ourselves for a very small part of our time. We are mostly our problems, our projects, our wishes, our fears, our possessions, our vocation. All of these are possible, but they are not ourselves.
If we could be fully aware of our Self in every second of our time, and so banish the problems, projects and circumstances to the background, to the place we normally set aside for our sense of self, this would be a revolutionary change in our life, making us finally ourselves.
The conventional wristwatch has two planes that show the time. In the background, on the “watch face”, the time is divided up. The divisions are represented either by numbers or by indices, dashes, dots, brilliants – or whatever. The dial shows the arrangement of time. It portrays the system. It is at rest. And over it, in the foreground, move the hands. These represent action and movement. They indicate the position within the system in which we find ourselves (from the temporal viewpoint). They represent the external, stand for change and the current status within the system.
In a conventional watch, the action, the external and the movement are in the foreground. The essential – we ourselves – are in the background. This very precisely mirrors the conscious situation in which we all find ourselves. We should have the courage to reverse this relationship. We should bring to the fore the essential, the system, the order, the evaluation and the relationship with ourselves. We should banish to the background the action, movement and position of our Self within the system.
The watches of Niveau élevé do precisely this. They represent the division of time, the valuation, the Self above the plane of the hands, thus symbolically reversing our attitude to time. Every glance at our watch reminds us that the time is our time. We are no longer slaves to our external circumstances, projects, compulsions and obligations. We are the instance that observes and enjoys the happenings in peace and quiet. At the foreground of our time is the unmoving, the self; in the background is the moved, the change, the external. We decide for ourselves the value we ascribe to the happening, not the happening.
But it demands a good deal of courage and pioneering spirit to truly implement this revolutionary change of mindset. Merely to recognise that we are ourselves, and not our projects, status and property, is a mighty step. But then to allow this awareness to realign our life on the basis of this knowledge, this is something that only the very few wholly achieve. However, even a tiny step, a decision and now and again or a little consistency in this direction will change our lives.
A wristwatch from Niveau élevé would like to be a partner in this project. Time, how we handle it and our attitude towards it are ideal instruments to help us start to implement the process of self-discovery and personal fulfilment. If we decide in favour of a wristwatch from Niveau élevé, the choice should not simply be in order to own a great new watch. It should be an internal decision, combined with a firm intention to
make our life more intentional, to live differently and to set new priorities. Our Niveau élevé will be a true travelling companion on this journey into new inner worlds; it will remind us of our intentions at every possible opportunity. Our goal on this journey is to reach a higher plane of consciousness where we stand high above the happenings of everyday life and are no longer subject to them. It is a higher level – a “Niveau élevé”!

Time is mine!