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Lucidity combines the joy of value with simplicity and concentration on the essentials.

It gives a high appreciation to the element of minimalism, concentration and focus. In doing so, she works out the origin of these elements: the joy of simplicity and the concentration on the essential.


Introsistence focuses on the subtlety of elements, not on their massiveness. She hints instead of exhausting herself. She invites us to discover instead of accepting.

Introsistence is a watch for those who have not yet given up their fascination with what might be hidden behind the surface in their everyday lives. Who can discover more power in a combination of 3 to 4 elements than in the combination of 25 elements.

Niveau élevé Time is mine Logo



Determination represents the power to implement what we set out to do. It stands for the art of skill, for the joy of accepting challenges, not avoiding efforts and not backing down from anything.
It stands for the ability not to give up so easily, to grasp a goal clearly and not to be dissuaded from it.


Realisation is a symbol of power. To realise something, the art of inwardly becoming reality and mastering it.
Those who are one with reality can realise everything they want.
But the art of merging with reality in one’s consciousness is an ability that only few succeed in achieving.



The Niveau élevé Connaissance is the symbol of knowledge or cognition.
And that is for that knowledge which reaches beyond our thought loops – without limitation, without warning. That we dive too deeply into the unfathomability of this world, which is only the surface of the beyond.