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of Niveau élevé


There are over 800 watch brands in Switzerland. They all try to stand out from one another and be something special. But even with 800 brands, it is difficult to find any originality.
The watches of Niveau élevé don’t have this problem. As far as the design is concerned, they stand out entirely naturally from the sea of hands, numbers, indices, colour shades and dial layout. The Niveau élevé has a three-dimensional design, and this design is not simply “contrived” or “plonked on”; it results from the substance of the watch, from the fact that the hands turn in the background, behind the division of time. In all 800 Swiss watch brands, the hands move over the numbers. There is not even one in which they move beneath the division of time. The cypher glass, which raises the division of time into the foreground and banishes the passage of time – the hands – into the background, quite automatically and naturally creates a three-dimensionality that is so new and different that the watch immediately discloses its identity, even without a logo or specific shape. The depth of the watch space behind the cypher glass is so refreshing and is so spacious that the Niveau élevé watches inevitably stand out from the mass of all other watches with their two-dimensional effect.
In addition the individual design options of Niveau élevé is certainly unique among the luxury brands as the customer can compile his own Niveau élevé mathematically from more than 165 million different versions.

Cypher glass

With the watches of Niveau élevé a new chapter is starting in the structure of the classic watch.
The watch face, the division of time, is fused with the watch glass to form a new element – the cypher glass.
The driving force of this novelty is a symbolism that stands for a certain perspective on oneself and the world. It also brings a totally new visual appearance for the watch.
The change of planes from the basic time system and flow of time symbolises the intended progress in our own consciousness.


The brilliant cut is the queen of all the cut shapes and has barely been changed at all over the last 100 years.
In order to fully meet the philosophical concept of Niveau élevé and to perfectly symbolize the time in the watches Niveau élevé has combined the more than 5000 year-old mathematical principle of the division of time with the luminous flux in a diamond. Seven completely new, unique cut shapes were designed which turn the brilliant cut into a twelve-point time star.
The required perfection of our own diamond grinding company is unrivaled worldwide.

Material, elements, design

Today, a high quality watch primarily serves for self-discovery or appears as a striking element of self-identification.
There are two aspects to this: the effect that the watch has on ourselves and the effect that the watch has on our environment. With most watch brands, it is indeed the message to the environment which is more important to us than the effect on ourselves. With a Niveau élevé, the emphasis could be quite different. While the effect on ourselves is rather passive with other watches, it is hopefully active with a Niveau élevé. We are already serious about our change of heart and attempting to realign our own time and life!
Naturally, the watch also sends out its own messages to the environment: the beauty in the simplicity of the design; the expression of the entirely New and Unusual – particularly through the watch’s three-dimensionality; exclusivity through the small limited edition; the special atmosphere created by the intellectual, philosophical alignment. All of these elements affect both the wearer and his environment. However, all the individual facets of the watch, whether design elements, materials, combinations of colour and shape, the type of movement, etc., all these are harmonised to ensure that the watch unfolds its full effect on the wearer – which is its most important function.


Niveau élevé produces high-quality jewellery in many variations which always takes into account all three basic principles of good jewelery:
Aesthetic, Symbolic power, Intrinsic value
Particular significance is always assigned to the philosophical aspect of the jewels. As with watches, good jewellery is an instrument for self-identification or self-discovery. The jewellery of Niveau élevé raises the claim that it doesn’t leave the symbolism or the “mythology” of the piece concerned to the intuition of the individual. Rather than approaching the appreciation of a jewel from an unconscious “liking”, Niveau élevé postulates a clear principle, explains it, creates a comprehensible symbolism and optimises the jewel with respect to this philosophical aspect. Niveau élevé aligns the aesthetic, choice of stones and choice of materials to the message of the jewellery and creates an integral whole in which the three elements (aesthetic, symbolic power and intrinsic value) are reunited in an overall harmony and mutually intensify the power of one another.