The collection

of Niveau élevé

The watches of Niveau élevé revolutionize the division of time with the invention of the cypher glass and represent the division of time, the valuation, the Self above the plane of the hands, thus symbolically reversing our attitude to time.
Every glance at our watch reminds us that the time is our time. We are no longer slaves to our external circumstances, projects, compulsions and obligations. We are the instance that observes and enjoys the happenings in peace and quiet. At the foreground of our time is the unmoving, the self; in the background is the moved, the change, the external. We decide for ourselves the value we ascribe to the happening, not the happening.
From Lucidity we reach Introsistence, move on to Determination, through to Realization, finally reaching Connaissance. The goal of the path of the five watches would then be the state of the “Niveau élevé”, the “raised consciousness”, which in the full insight of the Self is above time.


The Niveau élevé Lucidity combines pleasure in value with simplicity and concentration on the essential.
It demonstrates a deep appreciation to the element of minimalism, concentration and focus, and precisely identifies the origin of this element, pleasure in simplicity and concentration on the essential.


The Niveau élevé Introsistence focusses on the subtlety of the elements, not on their size. It suggests. It does not exhaust. It encourages discovery rather than acquiescence.
The Introsistence is for anyone who has not yet lost the fascination for what might be hidden below the surface, in the everyday life. Who can discover more power in 3 or 4 elements combined than in a combination of 25.


The Niveau élevé Determination represents the force that drives us to actually achieve what we set out to do. It represents the art of ability. It represents the joy of taking on challenges, not avoiding effort and not backing away from anything.
It stands for not lightly giving up, for the ability to clearly identify a target and allowing nothing to divert us from it.


The Niveau élevé Realization is a symbol for the force to implement, the art of becoming reality within ourselves and mastering it.
Anyone who is at one with reality can achieve whatever he wants. However, the art of coalescing with reality in our consciousness is an ability that only a few succeed in achieving.


Die Niveau élevé Connaissance is the symbol of knowledge.
Specifically for any knowledge that extends beyond our thought cycles without limit, without warning that we are diving too deeply into the unfathomableness of this world, which is indeed merely the surface of the other side.