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Essence d’Esthétique

The way to the center over the street of aesthetics

This watch is aimed directly at the essence of aesthetics without detours or additions. It is free of any philosophy that needs to explain or put things in context. The pure aesthetics does not need a frame, no operating instructions. It expresses itself, it manifests without being bound to anything else. 
Essence d’Esthétique does not know any compromises and pays no attention to whether you can afford the pure aesthetics nore on practical aspects or technical refinements. It’s all about beauty and beauty itself. We do not want a hybrid construct of aesthetics and other aspects, we want the aesthetics alone.
Although the aesthetics in the Essence d’Esthétique line uses the time or the watch as an occasion to present itself but since it presents itself at any time the occasion is not limiting but simply provides the opportunity. 
Essence d’Esthétique, the way to the center over the street of aesthetics.
There are many ways to the center. Paths that are steep and exhausting, paths that require conditions, ways that can only be treaded when you give up a lot. This path, the path through aesthetics, knows only one law, only one mechanic: concentration on the beautiful. In order not to get lost and find your destination you just have to stay on the road of aesthetics, more is not required.
Essence d’Estéthique
Essence d’Estéthique